Jeff Poppen, also known as the Barefoot Farmer, is the owner and operator of one of the oldest and largest organic farms in Tennessee. To receive fresh vegetables by joining our CSA click here, and for upcoming events click here.

For the past 15 years Poppen has appeared on Nashville PBS’ television program Volunteer Gardener, for over 20 years he has written a gardening column for the Macon County Chronicle, and he is the author of two books, The Best of the Barefoot Farmer Vol. 1 & Vol. 2. Poppen runs a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program with the food he grows using about 8 acres of his farmland and about 40 head of cattle.

This CSA delivers fresh produce to about 150 patrons in the Nashville area, but does not account for all of the food grown at the Barefoot Farmer’s farm. Poppen is always sure to have extra for neighbors, friends, and the surrounding community. While he has only been making and utilizing biodynamic preparations in his farming and gardening for a little over 25 years, he is very proud to have spent the last 40 years providing his own food for himself from what he is able to grow.

Poppen currently runs an apprenticeship program on his farm, and when he is away from the farm he spends his time doing consulting for other farms, lecturing for schools and organized events, and starting new farms using organic and biodynamic methods.

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  1. Jim Walter says:

    I Jeff this is Jimmy in tx my sister was wondering if you keep in touch with Sherry Hudson take care one day I hope to get down your way

  2. The Franklin Garden Club of Franklin, Ky is very interested in visiting your farm .I would appreciate any information for planning a field trip. Thank you in advance. Camille L Fuller

  3. Great website. Plenty of helpful info here. I am sending it to several friends ans also sharing in delicious.
    And of course, thanks for your sweat!

  4. Beth Peek says:

    Is it locally raised honey

  5. Hello! My name is Leah Larabell. My husband and I own High Garden herbs, tea, and tradition. We are seeking local medicinal herbs to purchase and sell in our store here in East Nashville. Even if you have not grown any, I would love to come do a weed walk and you may have some amazing herbs growing wild in their favorite habitat. We could ethically wildcraft for a fee or something??
    Not sure of the details, but we would love to become a community in anyway and open up the gates of medicinal herbs from our local farms.
    Green Blessings ,
    Leah Larabell

  6. Taylo Wild says:

    Hi Jeff, hope this spring is bringing you good weather and joy. I was wondering if you accept apprentices or interns for farming. I am very interested and would love to hear back from you.
    Thank you,

  7. Suzy Scott says:

    I so enjoyed the Crazy Owl Retreat. I left refreshed and energized by all I saw and did. Thank you for your hospitality and leadership.

  8. Samantha Turner says:

    Ive had the privlige of meeting you this year at summer solstice as well as equinox and knew right away a part of my heart would always be left the farm from years of uncertainty I knew right away that I wanted to be involved I am a single mother of one beautiful little soul and am highly interested in an internship and would love more information
    The farm opened my eyes!
    Forever grateful

  9. Duane Whitaker says:

    Hello Jeff, Thanks for calling today! I could have talked longer but had a customer waiting on me. If you would like to sample my hot air go to Whitaker Farm Fresh Market on Facebook. You can find links there to my newsletters, and if you find them agreeable you could suscribe to them. Someday they will likely be compiled into a bound volume of a combination of cookbook and daydreams. God bless you my fellow Hoosier!

  10. roger hendry says:

    i hope to start an organic farm in east tn this Spring. I would love to meet with you and discuss. I am also contacting a local community college to see if interested. I met Jeff on a plane a year ago and have been trying to contact him for advise.

  11. DOUG SUMMERS says:

    My wife Roxanne, and I, are planning to move to Tennessee in 2017. We are looking at places around Dickson County (just west of Nashville) with at least 10 acres. We plan on building a small aquaponics greenhouse, some outdoor dirt farming, a worm farm, fruit trees, bee keeping, chickens, and rabbits. We were hoping you may have some warnings or words of wisdom to pass along to a couple of beginners. We plan on celebrating our anniversary at one of the music festivals, (we got married twice, Dec. 21, and June 21).

  12. What is Jeff’s opinion of no-till farming/gardening?

  13. Kathy Benjamin says:

    Help, my plum trees and nectarine are in full bloom and peach is budding i have made tents with bamboo and white cover cloth to go over and around them. I tried covering the plums last year with no luck.. I can get a electric cord to the trees and wondering if a stran of old Christmas lights would help or if a spot light would be to much ?

    • jeffpoppen says:

      Frost protection is difficult, as I can see you know. Electrical warmth seems appropriate, but I haven’t tried it. The white cloth works best close to the ground.

  14. Tara says:

    Hey Jeff

    You probably don’t remember me but my friend and I use to come to your equinox festivals and would always have an awesome time.
    I was wondering if you still hosted them and barn dances. I also heard you sold your farm and moved to another location. Is this true? If so, where to?
    Hope to talk to ya 🙂

    • jeffpoppen says:

      I still have those events and still live and work on my organic farm. Thank you for your concern, hope to see you soon!

  15. Chuck Sabo says:

    Jeff and Kristina,
    Thanks so much for speaking with the students at St. Bernard Academy. Your visit made Earth Day 2015, even more special! I’ll be out to visit soon. Chuck

  16. Anonymous says:

    hello my name is wendy kirk. I live in t-ville and have talked to a few friends about your summersolstice. my husband and I had our B.B.Q. up till the time he had his stroke. I am very much interested in joinin in on the fun.at your place.. I have placed many calls to different numbers, but as of yet no reply.. is it to late to get on the list of vendors? please give me a call 270-407 8665

  17. BenyB says:

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  18. Travis Delk says:

    Hey jeff, I’ve visited the farm several times, I am interested in farming and gardening. I’ve spent the past 4 years helping a local farmer. If there is a position available, I would love to participate and return the favor of the farm.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Such a wonderful Idea Jeff to create that community space, I think every town in America needs to create community kitchens along with farmers market space to serve their local community with real, local foods . You are an inspiration as always . I wish I lived closer
    :)Sharon (Sharons Natural Gardens )

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